Inner Maldives

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Apparently trapped in the heart of the azure Indian Ocean, the Maldives is the perfect tropical paradise. This nation consists of more than a thousand tiny Robinson Crusoe like islands, covered in green flora, reef ringed and drenched in sun.

Official Name: Republic of Maldives
Commonly Name: The Maldives
Location: Indian Ocean
Area: 90,000 km ( of which about 10% is only land)
Number of islands: 1190 (approx.)
Population: 320,000 (census 2000)
Capital: Male’
Major Industries: Tourism, Fishing and Shipping
Major Exports: Tuna and Reef fish
Major Imports: Consumer goods, capital goods and petroleum
National Symbols: The National Emblem
The National Emblem comprises a Coconut Palm, a Crescent and Star, two National Flags and the traditional Title of the State.
  The National Flag
The National Flag comprises a green rectangle with a red border and a white Crescent in the centre.
National Tree: Coconut Palm
National Flower The pink rose
Official Language: Dhivehi
Second Language: English
Religion: Islam (100% Sunni Muslim)
Government: Democratic
Justice System: The constitution of The Maldives which is based on Islamic Sharia
Head of State: President Mohamed Waheed
Head of Government: President Mohamed Waheed
Independence day: 26th July
Republic day: 11th November
Time difference: +5hrs GMT
Currency: Rufiyaa (Notes) and Laari (Coins)
Exchange rate: MRF 15.42 per US$ (subject to chnage)
Official Weekly Holidays: Friday and Saturday
Business Hours: Government offices: 0830 – 1730
  Banks: 0800 – 1330
Airports: International: 1 (Male’ International Airport, located in the island of Hulhule)
  Domestic: 4
Seaports: 1
Climate: Tropical
Average Temperatures: 30.7 degrees Celsius (Max)
25.7 degrees Celsius (Min)
Average Rainfall: 1868.9 mm
Electricity: 240 Volts, 50 Hz
Television Channels: 3 (TVM, DhiTV, VTV)
Radio Stations: 5+ Rajje Radio, Sunfm, DhiFM, Capital FM
+960 300 6886