Inner Maldives

Port Handling

Private Yacht or Modern Super-Liners; We have established a successful track record in handling private cruise liner visits, calling on ports and beaches in every area of the Maldivian archipelago. Along the way, we acquired extensive knowledge of our islands, our people, and the technical support required by cruise ships operating in the region.

Our services include:

  • Cost effective and efficient coordination of cruising permits and security clearances required for foreign flag vessels.
  • Complete Itinerary planning and development, including technical back up in the Maldivian port and infrastructure support services to visiting yachts and cruise ships.
  • Fast and efficient custom clearance of ship’s stores, Importing required food or any other urgent items from abroad.
  • Handling of embarking/disembarking passengers and crew.
  • Our Reservations & Booking Department has excellent relations, network and buying power in the resort/hotel industry in Maldives, as such we are able to arrange accommodation at any resort or hotel in with attractive rates for the Passenger and Crew of Ships/Yachts.
  • Organizing and arranging private escorted tours of the islands to experience local way of living.
  • Arranging cultural programs and entertainments on board the Ships / Yachts.

Super Yacht and Cruises Handling by Inner Maldives Ports handling department.


Our clients include:

  • Saga cruises
  • P&O cruises
  • Costa cruises
  • Swan Hellenic cruises



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