Inner Maldives

Responsible Travel Tips

Inner Maldives has a deep affection for Maldives and we hope that you will join us in encouraging the development of a tourism industry that is socially responsible, fair for its local communities, and is environmentally sustainable. We have drawn up a simple, but by no means exhaustive list of travel tips that we believe will help achieve these important objectives.

Environmental Responsibility: Help conserve this beautiful tropical island with its myriad of natural beauty and exotic sea life. Help reduce your ecological footprint.

  • Don’t waste water. Don’t leave taps running. Use showers instead of baths and reuse your towels.
  • Don’t waste electricity. Remember to turn off lights, fans and TVs. Open your windows and enjoy the ocean breeze and tropical sun. Consider sleeping without a/c.
  • Recycle & reuse. Say no to plastic bags especially when shopping for small items. Reuse your plastic bags or buy a cloth bag which is freely available.
  • Do not pollute. Throw rubbish in litter bins.
  • Do not purchase any souvenirs made of coral, ivory, turtle shell or any other animal product or from Maldives’s dwindling natural habitats.
  • Protect the reefs that surround this paradise island and their inhabitants. While snorkelling or diving, do not touch or break any coral and marine animals you see such as the marine turtles. Some shells may even be poisonous.
  • Protect the endangered marine turtles. You may be lucky enough to see a turtle nesting at night on the beach. Do not flash a torch light or create noise which will disturb the turtle when laying her eggs. Do not touch turtle eggs or hatchlings.
  • Protect the Whales & Dolphins. When going on a whale & dolphin spotting excursion. In addition, they may not take the necessary safety precautions for this boating excursion which goes in about 6 – 8 miles into the deep seas.

Social Responsibility: Maldives’s ancient culture dates back to over 2,500 years. Help preserve the island’s cultural heritage and traditions.

  • Help the local farmers and fisherman. Enjoy local food cooked with village vegetables and fresh seafood.
  • Stay in local guesthouses and hotels that are eco-friendly and provides employment to villagers.
  • Help preserve the local culture and traditions. Dress modestly in public places and religious site. Avoid topless sunbathing.
  • Do not buy any ancient artifacts that may have been stolen from a historical site.
  • Be tolerant and courteous. Maldivian people are known for their bright smiles, warm hospitality and laid back lifestyle. Enjoy a cup of tea or drink when offered. Always ask permission before taking pictures of people. Conduct bargaining in a light-hearted and courteous manner. Try not to get too upset if things don’t always happen on time.
  • Do not encourage begging. Don’t give money or souvenirs to children or street beggars.
  • Show your gratitude. It is customary to tip waiters, housekeeping staff and guides if service is good.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation in helping preserve Maldives’s natural reasures and cultural heritage

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