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Maldives Climate


Maldives has a tropical climate which is warm and sunny throughout the year with very little variations in temperature. Tourist peak season in the Maldives is from December to April when there is very little rainfall and low humidity. Generally the temperature varies between 26-32C with the hottest month in April. The weather cools somewhat in December.


The year is divided into two seasons based on the monsoons. The North East monsoon (Iruvai) period lasts from December – April when there is very little rainfall, lower humidity, calm seas and constant sunshine. This is the tourist peak season and visitors escape to the island resorts for their beach holiday. High humidity and heavy rainfall occurs during the wet season is from May – October with the onset of the South West monsoon (Hulhangu). The seas are rougher during this time with potential for strong winds. The Maldives is located south west of Sri Lanka on the equator and is affected by climatic changes including cyclones in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea.

Scuba diving & surfing seasons

Scuba diving in the Maldives is generally good all year around but underwater visibility, water temperatures and marine life changes depending on the season. During the dry season (December – April) underwater diving is most rewarding on the eastern side of an atoll, while during the rainy season (May – October), the Western side of an atoll is better for scuba diving. Make sure you select your resort accommodation accordingly.

Surfing is best from March – October during the off season when the wave brakes are better. Hotel rates are cheaper during this time making a surfing trip to the Maldives more affordable.

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