Inner Maldives

Discount Crew Accomodation

For crew members and passengers, we support every aspect of the trip from start to finish. This includes making discounted hotel reservations, offering a wide range of resort & hotel bookings with a network of more than 90 resorts & hotels at any location in the Maldives.

Inner Maldives Travels Department maintains connection with nearly all of the top resorts & hotels throughout the country and is considered one of the largest inbound wholesalers.

  • We offer credit on crew and passenger hotel room charges and incidentals. This option saves time and eliminates complications when checking out, no hassles with cash or individual credit cards.
  • Our Reservation specialists maintain profiles of special requests or restrictions, hotel preferences when confirming all reservations.
  • Our Accommodation Services can handle all reservations even if we are not providing the Handling support.
  • In addition, we make sure that the crew and passengers relax and enjoy while in the Maldives by monitoring every instant of their stay and coordinating with the appropriate authorities to avoid any difficulty they may encounter
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