Inner Maldives

Customs and Immigration

Inner Maldives gives greater importance to process all Customs & immigration formalities at a speedy and organized manner and makes sure all necessary documents are submitted for clearance on entry and departure of your aircraft.

Please note that Alcoholic beverages, pork and their by-products, dogs and dangerous animals, gun powder and explosives, weapons, firearms, ammunition, spear guns and certain type of chemicals will not be permitted by the government to be carried into the country by passengers / crew unless they posses a valid permit or license.

The following items are totally prohibited:

  • Materials contrary to Islam
  • Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances
  • Pornographic materials
  • Idols for worship
  • Pigs

Passenger / crew will not be allowed to take any item which requires an export license (or a special permission from any Government Authority) except in limited quantities as determined by the Customs.

No visa is required for entry into the Maldives . A 30-day entry permit will be issued to all aliens on arrival at all ports of entry.

All persons leaving the Republic of Maldives must submit a valid passport / travel document and an embarkation to the Immigration Officer.

Prior permission must be obtained in writing from the Ministry of Defense and National Security for import of dogs and other dangerous animals through local handling agent.

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